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Private Lessons

Private lessons allow teachers to work every lesson around the student, moulding time spent to each individual need. These lessons help students to develop their passion and skills in music and achieve their goals.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a really fun way to learn the fundamentals of music. A group learning setting allows students to bounce off one another and helps them to grow in confidence, before embarking on private lessons.

Adult Choir

Adult choir is a lovely singing group run weekly through the term time. We cover a range of music styles, performing in concerts at Butterflies studio. No previous experience is required, only a love for singing and having fun!

Grade Work Information


We teach from the ABRSM syllabus with scheduled exams throughout the year. Private lessons are required if students are sitting anything above Grade 1. Students are required to learn Music Theory alongside and singing and instrumental grade to ensure steady progression and well rounded musical knowledge. Once students have achieved Grade 3 status they are required to have a separate Music Theory lesson alongside the instrument of choice (singing included).

We have a range of books and Materials available at Butterflies, supplying everything students need to sit their grades.

Exam Entry Form (inc all inclusive music and theory exam costs)

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